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Recording a scene is only part of it. The real challenge is to capture the sense of being in that moment, in that particular spot. The most compelling photographs I've seen take me away to that place, that time, and evoke feelings of being there. If you can smell the air, hear the birds, feel the wind, or just imagine the peace, then I have succeeded. This is what I hope to accomplish each time I make an image.

Photography is what I was meant to do. In all my life, nothing has ever felt so right as when I'm behind the camera. Whether it's a bird, a butterfly, the juxtaposition of a man-made structure against the natural landscape, or a breathtaking vista that could only have been created by mother nature, the moment I release the shutter is a moment that will never happen again. Yet, it can be re-lived and felt again through the image. Finding my passion late in life has been both exhilarating and challenging. On the one hand, I'm finally doing something meaningful with my life. On the other hand, there seems so little time left to master it. Certainly, I will be a work in progress for the rest of my days.

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Autumn Forest Reflections


Heavenly Reflection


Unforgettable Day at Takhlakh Lake


Classic Oregon


Multnomah Autumn


Takhlakh Lake with Mount Adams


Wahclella Falls from Above


Big Spring Creek Falls - Lower


Upper Tier of Falls Creek Falls


Veil of Water


Big Spring Creek Falls - Upper


Mount Adams Doubled


Big Spring Creek Falls - Middle


Columbia River Blue


Blue Heron over the River


The Chute


Wind Mountain


The Rains Came


Steps of Water


The Reward


Autumn Beckons


Colorful Tendrils


Cascade of Color


Autumn in the Forest


Perfect Autumn Waterfall