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Loree Johnson

Photographer, adventurer, vagabond. Living the dream...


Welcome to my world and thanks so much for stopping by. If you are viewing this page under the "images" tab, you will see a collection of my most recent photographs. This page is constantly changing as I am constantly adding new images to the collection. If you would like to browse my portfolio by subject matter or location, just click the "galleries" tab and you will find everything sorted into collections.

If you would like to know more about me and my adventures, then click on the "about" tab.

All Images Copyright Loree Johnson. Please use the contact link above if you have any questions. I offer discounts for purchases of multiple prints, and commercial licensing arrangements are considered.


Eagle in Flight Over the River


Bald Eagle at the River


Look at Me


Light in the Storm


Unrequited Love


Holiday Heron


Cruising Altitude


Soaring Pelican


Gaining Altitude


Make Way


Pelican Over the Surf


Pelican in the Spray


Swim Club


Yaquina Bay Bridge


Seal Rock Sunset


Napping Harbor Seals


Heron Over the River


Blue Heron at Low Tide


Windbown Heron


Bald Eagle


Majestic Bald Eagle


Just Hangin Around


Lady of the Woods


Sunset Eagle


Postcard from Oregon